Mermaids and Maternity - Lesley T. Lastufka Photography

Mermaids and Maternity

Mimsy the Mermaid

Hello there!

So much has been going on lately!

This past Sunday I was involved (but not at-fault) in a 3-vehicle accident, and my car will likely be totaled. I'd like to give a HUGE shout out to the family of Ben and Kelli as I had to postpone their reveal session that was scheduled for that evening! Thank you for your patience-  As a thank-you, I've posed another sneak peek of your session!

After a visit to the emergency room after work last night, I'm sore from whiplash, exhausted, and trying to rest my back as I edit.  The results of this relaxation (in addition to numerous texts and phone calls about the accident) include finished photos from the House of Flynn shootout!

When I first heard of The House of Flynn, it was because of their gorgeous, super-duper high quality camera bags. I stayed for the Taco Tribe. It’s an online community of photographers, taco lovers, moms, and caring ladies.

What’s more is that we have State-based chapters, and recently the Texas group got together for a Styled Shootout! Ryan of Ryan Jordan Photography organised our shoot out, thanks so much! Naturally, we had a mermaid...and not just any mermaid, but a itty bitty one! This little girl’s name is Mimsy, and she made a perfect mermaid!

Leah and Aaron are expecting their first child very soon. Leah is also a photographer, but this time she modeled for us as we did a beach-themed maternity session. Thank you so much, and congratulations on soon-to-be newborn!

I'd love to give one last shout out to my rock, Daniel! He drove 2 hours with me to and from Galveston just to spend time with me...and when there proved to be no Pokemon at the remote beach, he sat down to grade his 3rd-graders assignments. He is a dedicated teacher and during the accident on Sunday he was also grading papers at the roadside!

The Dedicated Teacher

Leah and Aaron are Expecting!