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Hello! Welcome to my first blog!

    I'd like to introduce you to my good friend, Sharon- she is a bubbly, intelligent, and caring young lady!

    I first met Sharon at church Bible study for Rice/Texas Medical Center students- Sharon was starting her first year of medical school and I was starting my senior year of nursing school! We came from the same area of Texas, were of similar ages, and we were instant friends! We moan and groan about the medical field together, we experienced what night shift was like together.. What I like best about Sharon is how well we get along...there’s nothing we can’t laugh at, and we constantly egg each other on!

    A couple years ago,  we loaded up my car and headed out at 3am. to San Antonio for a whirlwind trip... Yes, 3 A.M. Sharon cheered me on in my 8am Irish dance competitions. It meant a lot to me that she came to watch me perform and be my ‘feis mom’, since my out-of-town family can’t come to most of my competitions.

    Craving some good Mexican food, we walked up and down the Riverwalk and the Alamo...but being poor students all we could do was crave.  So we headed back to the competition hotel to watch the championship Irish dancers...and a nap. Then we loaded up our gear and headed back to Houston at 8pm, determined to find food that fit our budget…..As I remember, we stopped at Taco Cabana, perhaps not the most representative of San Antonio fare, but it fueled us for our 3 hour drive back!

    As Sharon entered her last year of medical school, she approached me about a senior photography session. Preserving and celebrating significant accomplishments, such as graduating, is super important to me! We headed out to the Gus and Lyndall Wortham Park in the Texas Medical Center, a quiet and beautiful spot right next to HCC Coleman. The water fountains created the perfect backdrop to enhance Sharon’s natural beauty and represented the place where she’s spent the last 4 years. We were cracking up the whole time-after putting on some music and demonstrating a few poses, I started the shoot, and we had so much fun together! I was able to capture her huge smile and personality. It was hard to select the perfect photos to edit since there were so many!

    Every March means bluebonnets, so when Sharon learned I was having bluebonnet mini-sessions, she was quick to sign up! Braving the cool morning air was worth it- as the sun rose we were able to capture some of my all-time favourite images….all with that Golden Hour glow! Isn’t Sharon simply stunning? And check out that style...that’s all her! 

    Sharon was happy to learn that she matched to the UTMB residency program in Galveston! I was thrilled to know we’d be able to see each other often, at least for the next several years. Since I also work in Galveston (right across the street), I can’t wait to share some lunch breaks together!

Graduating on May 27th, Sharon is a member of the University of Texas McGovern Medical School at Houston class of 2016! Congratulations, Dr. Sharon!

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